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Enhance your browsing experience with direct integration between the Promptient platform and ChatGPT. Our Chrome extension bridges the gap, allowing seamless interaction and bringing the ease in prompt engineering right into your browser, at no extra cost.

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Some of the Things you will get right out of the box with Promptient:

Adaptive Prompt Creation

Step into the future of personalized interaction with our Adaptive Prompt Creation feature. This tool lets you tailor your prompts by incorporating variables directly into the text. From recipes to weather forecasts, create unique and specific prompts in seconds.

And if you forget to assign a value, our intelligent error handling system alerts you, ensuring your prompts are always perfect.

Harness the power of adaptability. Your prompts are no longer just static text, they're interactive and customizable gateways to enhanced communication. Dive into the world of dynamic dialogue, designed by you, for you.

Prompt-to-ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Introducing an unparalleled level of integration with our custom Chrome Extension. With a simple click, you can now send your tailored prompts directly to ChatGPT, facilitating a seamless transition from prompt creation to engagement.

No need to copy and paste or switch between tabs. Our Chrome Extension ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus on creating and testing your prompts without distraction.

Just install the extension, select your prompt, and watch as it's instantaneously sent to ChatGPT. It's the perfect tool to streamline your prompt engineering process and boost productivity.

Advanced Prompt Filter

Keep your prompts organized and easily accessible with our Advanced Prompt Filter. This powerful feature allows you to effortlessly browse through your collection of prompts, making it quick and easy to locate the ones you need.

Whether you're looking to find prompts based on creation date or specific categories, our filter functionality has got you covered. No need to manually browse through countless prompts; just set your filter criteria and let our system do the rest.

Embrace the power of organization with our Advanced Prompt Filter. Streamline your workflow, enhance your productivity, and focus on what really matters: creating engaging and effective prompts.

Next-Gen Prompt Engineering

Experience the revolution in prompt engineering with our uniquely tailored Prompt Engineering Platform. The platform offers an optimal blend of a user-friendly interface, customizable fields, and analytic insights. These features facilitate the creation, storage, and optimization of prompts, making it an indispensable tool for any prompt engineer. From content creation to problem solving, our platform is the gateway to the future of prompt engineering.

Compose Prompts

Create Prompts

Create, organize, and update prompts effortlessly using Promptient's user-friendly platform, while enjoying advanced search and filter features for quick access to the perfect prompt.

Save Prompts

Store with Ease

Promptient simplifies prompt management, allowing you to store and organize your AI chat prompts with efficiency and ease.

Improve Prompts

Optimize Conversations with Promptient's Improvement Features

Promptient offers advanced features designed to help you refine and optimize your AI chat prompts. Utilize the platform's intuitive interface to easily update, modify, and improve prompts, ensuring they stay relevant and engaging for your target audience

Execute Prompts

Send to ChatGPT

Executing prompts has never been easier. Our platform lets you execute prompts with ChatGPT effortlessly, bringing your innovative ideas to life. Start a new chapter in AI interactions.


Free plan with all the basic features.
Pro plan for advanced users.


  • Unlimited Prompts
  • Account Management
  • Adaptive Prompt Creation
  • Activate: Send prompts to ChatGPT
  • Advanced Prompt Filter
  • Prompt Chaining
  • Advanced prompt management (grid/list view, filtering, searching)
  • Priority customer support
  • And much more...


  • Unlimited Prompts
  • Account Management
  • Adaptive Prompt Creation
  • Activate: Send prompts to ChatGPT
  • Advanced Prompt Filter
  • Prompt Chaining
  • Advanced prompt management (grid/list view, filtering, searching)
  • Priority customer support
  • And much more...

Compose compelling AI conversations by effortlessly crafting, organizing, and updating prompts using Promptient's user-friendly platform.

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Our Mission

At Promptient, our mission is to revolutionize the professional development of prompt engineers through our user-centric platform. We are committed to providing an interactive, intuitive tool that significantly contributes to their professional acumen and amplifies their skills. Our focus is on empowering our users, enhancing their career outcomes, and promoting creativity, all through a solution tailored specifically for prompt engineers. With a relentless commitment to continuous improvement and refinement, we actively seek and value feedback from our community to evolve, enhance, and perfect our platform. Promptient aspires to be the default choice for all professionals in the field of prompt engineering, thereby improving their professional productivity and fostering innovative thinking.